Apple Watch Series (42mm – Series 2) Heart Rate Flex Cable Replacement


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Are you getting erroneous heart rate readings on your (42mm – Series 1)? Now, that’s a big issue no doubt. Wrong heart rate readings can be dangerous as these can misguide your doctor to prescribe wrong medications. But why does it happen? Well, the main reason behind the wrong heart rate reading on your Apple watch is a faulty heart rate flex cable. So, what will you do now? Would you shell out for a new Apple Watch altogether? Now, that would be completely unnecessary as such a problem can be resolved with the help of a heart rate flex cable only. Our replacement Apple Watch (42mm – Series 2) Heart Rate Flex Cable will come to your rescue here.


  • Completely new and good quality Heart Rate Flex Cable Replacement for Apple Watch (42mm – Series 2)
  • Easily replaces damaged Heart Rate Flex Cable
  • Effectively restores the heart rate reading function of the watch
  • Factory-tested product and hence you can be assured of a verified item only
  • Affordable pricing
  • Very simple to install
  • Particularly designed for Apple Watch (42mm – Series 2) and thus you can be confident of complete device compatibility