Apple Watch (42mm – Series 2) Battery Replacement


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Have you been feeling uncomfortable wearing your Apple Watch (42mm – series 2)? Does it feel like the size of the watch has blown out of proportion? The reason may be the swollen battery of your Apple watch. Overcharging might be a reason for the swollen battery or could be some other technical difficulty. Do not worry. We have the perfect replacement for your Apple watch (42mm – Series 2) battery. Worried about the authenticity of the battery? We have checked that point out too. The only factory tested are available with us so no worries on that front as well.


  • 100% new and quality battery replacement for Apple Watch (42mm – Series 2)
  • Non-removable 334 mAh battery
  • Lithium-Ion battery
  • Stand By up to 18 hours with mixed usage
  • Cheap Rate
  • Easy to Install
  • Guaranteed compatibility as it is specially designed for Apple Watch (42mm – Series 2)
  • The only factory tested and verified quality battery replacement battery available