Apple Watch (42mm – Series 1) Full Coverage Screen Case


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Are you looking for a full coverage screen case for your Apple watch series 1 42mm? Well, you should be, they are the most helpful product when it comes to prolonging your watch’s lifespan that you obviously spent a small fortune on. Watches are usually very roughly used and hence acquire various scratches and cuts along with usage. If you install a protection case to your high-tech device it is sure to benefit you in every which way you dream of.


  • Super strong and durable Apple Watch (42mm – Series 1) Full Coverage Screen Case
  • Easy to apply
  • Bubble Free
  • The screen case provides clear visibility thus retaining the screen’s brightness and producing no rainbow effect.
  • The product also protects the screen from greasy marks, oily smudges, and water drops. It keeps your original screen neat and clean.
  • It is custom made for the 42 mm series 1