Apple Watch (42 mm – Series 1) Display Cable


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DISCLAIMER: This Apple Watch (42 mm – Series 1) replacement display cable requires micro soldering, surface soldering, and board level repair skills. If you don’t know what this means you probably do not have the knowledge or tools to install this part.

Are you facing problems the display of your Apple Watch (42 mm – Series 1)? Have you checked the LCD screen? Is it perfect? No, if you are getting display problems despite no issues with the LCD part, it could be that the display cable of your Apple watch is not in order. So, what would you do here? There is no question of getting a new watch altogether just because the display cable is not working properly. You will easily find a replacement part for that. Our replacement Apple Watch (42 mm – Series 1) Display Cable will take care of your problems here.


  • 100% new and good quality display cable for Apple Watch (42 mm – Series 1)
  • Conveniently replaces damaged display cable
  • Effectively connects digitizer assembly and LCD to watch processor
  • Factory-tested product and hence you can be assured of a verified item only
  • Economical pricing
  • Very simple to install
  • Specifically crafted for Apple Watch (42 mm – Series 1) and thus you can be confident of complete device compatibility