Apple Watch (38mm – Series 2) Force Touch Sensor Gasket


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A non-responsive touchscreen is a nightmare for any Apple Watch (38mm – Series 2) user? Are you facing the same with your Apple watch? The first thing to do here is to check out the touchscreen of your watch. Do you think it’s in perfect order and you are still experiencing the issue? Now, if your answer is “yes”, then it seems the problem is with the force touch sensor gasket of your Apple Watch. So, how to resolve the issue? Are you thinking of getting a new watch altogether? There is no such need because the problem can be solved with the help of a replacement part only. Our replacement Apple Watch (38mm – Series 2) Force Touch Sensor Gasket will be handy for you here.


  • Completely new and good quality Force Touch Sensor Gasket for Apple Watch (38mm – Series 2)
  • Easily replaces damaged or malfunctioning Force Touch Sensor Gasket
  • Effectively restores touch functionality of the watch
  • Factory-tested product and hence you can be assured of a verified item only
  • Affordable pricing
  • Very simple to install
  • Specifically crafted for Apple Watch (38mm – Series 2) and thus you can be confident of complete device compatibility